Over 10,000 installed sports floors around the world speak for themselves.

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  • Hodos Sportcsarnok

    Hodos Sportcsarnok, Debrecen (Hungary)

    Model: Munich 35
    Size: 1181,00 m²
    Top layer: Gerflor Taraflex

  • Moveland Wellness Fitness Center

    Moveland Wellness Fitness Center , Budapest (Hungary)

    Model: Munich 35
    Size: 320,00 m²
    Top layer: Gerflor Taraflex

  • Sperberschule

    Sperberschule, Nuremberg (Germany)

    Model: Munich 35
    Size: 480,00 m²
    Top layer: Forbo 4,0mm Orange 83176

  • 16. Middle School Leipzig

    16. Middle School Leipzig, Leipzig (Germany)

    Model: Munich 35
    Size: 150,00 m²
    Top layer: DLW Linodur