Sports parquet

HARO sports parquet is suitable for first-level competition and is used at Olympic Games and World Cups.

With more than 50 years of experience in the manufacture, sale, installation and care of sports floors, we can look back on a vast range of reference projects – from the Olympic Games in Munich in 1972 to professional basketball clubs, universities, fitness centres up to double and triple school sports halls.

Wood species

HARO sports parquet is available in four different wood species: Canadian Maple, Beech, Ash and Oak, while our fitness series is available additionally in African Oak and Merbau. The factory grading displays the natural diversity of the wood’s colour and texture in an appealing look.

The hardwoods Canadian Maple, Ash and Oak have proved to be ideal for the production of sports parquet. The factory grading displays the natural diversity of the wood’s colour and texture, thus giving an unique and resistant look – the perfect choice for sports and multi-purpose applications. Wood is a natural product and reacts to changes in air humidity. The right indoor climate of approx. 40 – 60 percent air humidity counteracts undesired swelling or shrinking of the wood. Compared with solid parquet, this swelling and shrinking is reduced significantly with HARO sports parquet as a multi-layer parquet with plywood base layer. Regular care according to the HARO care instructions guarantees a long lifespan of HARO sports floors and ensures the ideal performance properties in accordance with the German DIN standard V 18032-2; April 2001.


Canadian Maple, first grade
Canadian Maple, second grade

Available additionally in the fitness sector:

African Oak



It is the quality of the finish that counts. The surface finish is the sports floor’s actual wear layer. It must be perfectly fitted. HARO therefore offers two different surface finishes. The proven HARO PERMADUR finish has ideal properties for most sports disciplines and for multi-purpose use of the hall. HARO SST special finish with depth impregnation was developed primarily for squash courts and racket sports.

PERMADUR® finish

The PERMADUR finish closes the pores on the wood’s surface. Dirt and dust have no chance to settle on the smooth surface and can simply be wiped off. The factory-applied finish is particularly abrasion and scratch resistant and yet flexible. This results in a much longer lifespan of the sports floor compared to conventionally finished parquet floors. Compared to open-pored surface finishes, the HARO PERMADUR finish is particularly durable and easy to maintain.


SST finish

The SST special finish was developed particularly for squash and racket sports. The risk of slipping or sliding due to sweat drops on these courts can almost be eliminated with an SST finish. A special sanding process ensures a perfect grip as stipulated by DIN 18038, while the depth impregnation optimally protects the sports parquet.

SST Versiegelung