Some products simply do not tolerate any compromises. HARO sports floors are one such product, which have been installed in more than 10,000 sports facilities and multi-purpose halls world-wide.

HARO sports floors have been developed by HAMBERGER for more than 55 years. The company introduced the ISO 9001 quality management system, the ISO 14001 environmental management system and the ISO 50001, 2011, energy management system. Our own environmentally friendly power plants, waste prevention system and separation of all reusable materials are important for us. The material selection, production and installation of HARO sports floors on site are carried out with due regard for quality, quality assurance and environmental awareness.

With the pioneering module technology for sports floors, HARO SPORTS has created a brand-name product, which combines quality of material with an accurate manufacturing process – ensuring a long lifespan and optimal use. Gymnasiums and sports halls are frequently not only places to enjoy sports activities. Often communicative and social events are also often organised here, for example concerts, balls or trade shows. HARO SPORTS recommends the right sports floor for every hall in accordance with the specific requirements for construction and coating. HARO SPORTS knows all about the procedures concerning portable grandstands, the moving of heavy equipment or other gear as well as the requirements for a floor on which tennis, squash or racquet ball are played. In contrast to conventional construction, HARO SPORTS manufactures in single modules and module units that ensure a quick, smooth and above all high-quality installation on site and are installed with the chosen sports floor coating. All HARO sports floors comply with EN 14904, DIN V 18032-2, April 2001, and bear the RAL quality label 942 for optimum quality and product safety.

Not all floors are alike. Decision-makers use an evaluation system to choose the right floor from among the different models with the support of an experienced HARO SPORTS team. Whether the floor is intended for school purposes, multi-purpose use with event services, for seated spectators, grandstands or trade show stands, as well as for disabled sports or various sporting disciplines such as handball, football, volleyball, hockey, gymnastics or artistic cycling: the most important and fundamental equipment when it comes to indoor sports is always the floor. Its flexibility and safety protect athletes from physical injuries.

Material selection: In harmony with nature, committed to environmental protection.

The materials used by HARO SPORTS and the innovative installation system ensure that the demands placed on a sports floor for sports and multi-purpose use are met when it comes to performance, properties and durability.

Responsibility to the environment is very important to HARO SPORTS. This applies to the economical use of material, the conscious choice of adhesive and varnish as well as proper disposal. Internal environmental management is based on ISO 14001. Since 1994, an environmental officer manages and coordinates implementation of the regulations. Further current environmental measures include our own water treatment system, heat recovery in heat exchangers and new production processes that ensure optimum use of raw materials.