Helsinki Eco

HARO sports parquet

Area-elastic sports floor

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Model Helsinki is a so-called area-elastic sports floor. It must be installed on an even sub-floor. The slab should be level according to DIN 18202:1997-04, Figure 3, or it must be levelled subsequently. This can be done, for example, with dry or liquid levelling compounds.

Helsinki Eco is the most cost-effective version of the Helsinki systems. With a construction height of only 35.5 mm it’s a perfect choice for small and mid-range sized halls, which don’t exceed the norm loads. The system delivers true force reduction of up to 60% and ball rebound of up to 97%, thus perfectly suitable for multifunctional usage.

The 13.5 mm parquet with a 3.6 mm hardwood top layer receives a factory applied PermaDur® finish for superior performance and surface protection. Helsinki Eco fully meets and exceeds the DIN V 18032-2; April 2001 and the EN 14904 norm.