Tennis Floor

Every tennis player knows how important the sport-physiological properties of a floor are for tennis play and training.

Therefore, we have developed a solution with area-elastic force reduction for every possible need, whether permanently installed for training or mobile for events. You can choose between acrylic and clay coatings, leaving you completely satisfied!

Rome Tennis

The world’s first fully portable tennis floor made its debut in March 2011 at the “Nike Clash of the Champions” show tournament. Superstars such as Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Maria Sharapova took to the court in the arena at the University of Oregon. And also tennis legend John McEnroe “tested “as a surprise guest the floor revolution of Haro Sports and Rebound Ace.

Montreal Tennis

For the most part, it is the major tournaments that are played on mobile floors. Fixed systems tend to be used for training. With the area-elastic floor Montreal 21, Haro Sports is optimally positioned for this. This floor offers the same technical and sports physiological properties as its mobile counterpart Rom Tennis. Thanks to the prefabricated modules, this floor can be installed quickly and easily.