Like all top players, compromise is not in our vocabulary.

As a manufacturer of branded quality products, it goes without saying that environmental awareness is a key element of our corporate philosophy. After all, we work with nature. And as anyone who works with nature, we treat it with utmost respect. Our actions are not governed by exploitation of the forest, rather by its ecologically sustainable management.

Certified sustainability

ISO 14001.
Our extensive commitment to the preservation of natural resources was already recognised in 1998 in accordance with ISO 14001 and the EU Eco-Audit.

ISO 50001
The new energy management system was integrated successfully in the existing environmental management system in 2013 with certification according to ISO 50001:2011.

We were also awarded the coveted PEFC certificate in 2003 – proof that the timber we use can be traced and tracked through the entire product supply chain – called the “chain of custody” – from the certified, sustainably managed forest all the way through to the final product.