Munich 35 F

HARO elastic sports coating

Area-elastic sports floor

This product is available in the following varieties:



Model Munich 35 F is a so-called “sprung floor” with a double swing beam system. It can be installed on raw concrete, even if the sub-floor is not perfectly even, since the uneven parts can be levelled simply by placing equalising material under the swing-beam pads. Model Munich 35 F features a premium-quality OSB board as the load-distribution panel. Synthetic coverings like linoleum, PVC, rubber, polyurethane and others can be glued onto the sub-construction.

Munich 35 F (with OSB load-distribution panels) as well as Munich 50 F (with plywood load-distribution panels) are the successors of our classic models Munich 12/22 and fully meet the requirements of the German DIN standard V 18032-2; April 2001, EN 14904. Moreover, they are subject to the quality control RAL GZ 942. Munich 35 F and Munich 50 F belong to our most popular floors, 70 are installed each year in Germany alone.