London 45

London 45

HARO elastic sports coating

Area-elastic sports floor



Model London 45 is a so-called “sprung” floor using a single swing beam system. It can be installed on raw concrete, even if the sub-floor is not perfectly even, since the uneven parts can be levelled simply by placing equalising material under the swing-beam pads. Model London 35 features a premium-quality OSB board as the load distribution panel. Synthetic coverings like caoutchouc, linoleum, PVC, rubber, Polyurethane etc. can be glued on the sub-construction.

London 45 meets the requirements of the EN 14904. It is a cost-effective alternative to the double swing beam systems and has a construction height of 56 mm. The factory assembled elastic battens are provided with shock-absorbing pads at the bottom of the battens. The counter floor and a load distribution panel ensure excellent area elastic properties. The synthetic coating is glued to the OSB load distribution panel.