Model: Helsinki 10 Top 3

(Area-elastic sports floor)

Model: Helsinki 10 Top 3 Helsinki 10 Top 3 is a refinement of the Helsinki Series, which has been well known and successful since the 80's.

Its excellent properties such as 100% ball rebound with shock absorption of approximately 57% testify its quality as a sports floor.

The extremely low construction height of 29.6 mm turns it into an all-rounder when it comes to reconstructions as well as new buildings. Especially when renovating older point-elastic sports floors, the low construction height makes it possible to simply lay the new system atop the old one. Due to its low height, this floor also offers a very low thermal resistance for underfloor heatings.

Its 8 mm PU foam ensures an ideal shock absorption, also with heavy weights. The pre-fabricated parquet elements already come with their own shock absorption and merely need to be connected and glued on site.

The 12.6 mm-thick sports parquet with a solid wood layer of 3.6 mm and the factory-applied PERMADUR finish provides a perfect solution, also for multi-purpose halls.

The floor meets the requirements of DIN V 18032-2; April 2001, EN 14904. It must be installed on an even sub-floor. The slab should be level according to DIN 18202:1997-04, Figure 3, or it must be levelled subsequently. This can be done, for example, with dry or liquid levelling compounds.