Model: Helsinki Eco Top 2

(Fitness Floor)

The Fitness Floor – Helsinki Eco Top 2 – is a cost-effective solution for those fitness club owners who want a professional sports floor for their aerobics room, but do not have the budget for sophisticated sports flooring systems.

The sports product that was especially developed for this case, features the patented Lock Connect system on the long side and the Top Connect system on the short side for an easy installation. The patented elements are factory-assembled and only have to be connected and glued on site.

The floor meets all requirements of the sports floor standard DIN V 18032-2; April 2001, EN 14904, which guarantees the best physical properties for sports. It is quality-tested according to RAL GZ 942. High elasticity and shock absorption (force reduction) protects the joints. The athletes can concentrate on their performance.

Its low construction height of only 30.5 mm makes the fitness floor an excellent choice for renovations as well as new buildings. In areas where equipment is used, the 8 mm PU foam is replaced by a wood-fibre board. This way, even large spaces can be used entirely, but in various ways.

The slab should be level according to DIN V 18202:1997-04, Figure 3.

Image: Urban Fitness, Madrid