Protective walls

HARO PROTECT protective walls - that much is for sure

A new chapter in this unique history will be written when HARO PROTECT protective walls are introduced to the market. As of now, Hamberger utilizes its profound knowledge for the third dimension. All-in-one solutions for sports and multi-purpose halls are now possible that meet operator’s and user’s needs. Protective walls reduce the risk of injury for the athlete when hitting the walls – without loss of sports physiological properties. What matters most for designers and operators is to be in compliance with requested norms, the adherence to regulatory stipulations as well as low life cycle costs.

Inner values count too

In contrast to most other competitors, HARO bets on area-elastic protective walls, which are the only ones that combine protective and sportive features as well as material characteristics one hundred percent. They are the only ones which can be mounted directly onto unplastered or uneven surfaces. HARO PROTECT protective walls are at top of the game in every event and incidentally meet the following requirements:

  • Force reduction ≥ 60 %
  • Ball-throwing safety
  • Resilience ≥ 5 mm
  • Planar, closed and splinter proof up to 2 m above the ground
  • Joint width ≤ 8 mm
  • Fire protection optional

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Classic or Pro? The choice is yours!

HARO PROTECT Classic protective wall The bearing construction of HARO PROTECT Classic protective walls consists of a metal bracket with spruce bolts. The elastic girders are assembled onto these. HARO uses spruce panels, plywood plates with innovative decor coating or Celenio, a novel wood composite - and a result of flooring’s ample know-how, invincible when compared to traditional veneer technics – as cladding.
HARO PROTECT Classic protective walls are available as Classic Spruce, Classic Plywood, Classic Plywood Covered and Classic Celenio.

HARO PROTECT Pro protective wall For usage in meeting places, HARO PROTECT Pro protective walls are equipped with a non-flammable subconstruction made of steel. Shock absorption is achieved by means of steel compression springs. Adequately treated spruce panels, plywood boards with special decor foil or even Celenio may come into use here as cladding.
HARO PROTECT Pro protective walls are available as Pro Spruce, Pro Plywood, Pro Plywood Covered and Pro Celenio.

The gate to the hall

HARO PROTECT protective wall gates Know-how is good, expertise is better. For the sports hall gates, HARO relies on Hörrmann’s expertise. The German market leader for garage gates delivers also swing gates for commercial objects of any size. JEvery gate and every door is customized according to the on-site installation.

With the coatings of the PROTECT series, HARO ensures that all doors and gates meet the requirements of shock absorption and ball security. Without ifs and buts. Furthermore, HARO can find conforming standard solutions for ventilation grids, flap switches or windows if they are requested whilst planning.

Quality "Made in Germany"

Passing the safety relevant and sports functional characteristics – no problem for HARO PROTECT.
. Protective walls and sports hall installation elements such as doors and gates meet all applicable regulations, especially the DIN 18032-1, the DIN 18032-3 and the requirements specifications of the safety information of the “Unfallkasse Sachsen (GUV-SI 8468)”.