Helsinki 55

HARO sports parquet

Area-elastic sports floor

This product is available in the following varieties:



Model Helsinki is a so-called area-elastic sports floor. It must be installed on an even sub-floor. The slab should be level according to DIN 18202:1997-04, Figure 3.

The construction height of Helsinki 55 is only 37 mm and therefore a perfect choice for refurbishments and renovation projects. Model Helsinki 55 has a load-distribution panel made of OSB and is more economical than Helsinki 50 with a plywood load-distribution panel. However, this hardly effects the performance. Model Helsinki provides both a high shock absorption for the athletes’ safety and a ball rebound for a successful game.

Model Helsinki 55 features a 15 mm-thick HARO sports parquet consisting of a premium-choice parquet top layer supported by a top-quality plywood core layer. The 5.6 mm parquet top layer receives a factory-applied PERMADUR finish for a superior performance and surface protection. Helsinki 55 fully meets the requirements of German DIN V standard 18032-2; April 2001.