Pro Plywood L VNK

Pro protective wall

Linear. Generous. Safe

This product is available in the following varieties:



Our models are also available in CPL:

The CPL surfaces are available in almost every colour and design and are colourfast and highly scratch resistant. All of our protective wall systems can of course be obtained as an acoustically compliant version.

Geometrical clarity in the purest form represents the protective wall paneled with invisible bolting. However, technical demands to comply with all the legal requirements can be found behind the system – including fire safety. The secret lies in the stable metal pressure spring within the steel subconstruction. HARO PROTECT Pro Plywood L VNK covered is suitable for both sports and assembly places.

Area-elastic protective wall
Sports- and multi-usage
Plywood with décor covering

Installation on an even wall acc. to DIN 18202, 1997-04, table 3

Subconstruction: up to 750 mm
Subconstruction with force reduction: 80 mm
Wall cladding: 15 mm
Construction height: 95 mm – 800 mm