HARO Sports meets the 2017 Supercup

HARO SPORTS, 29.08.2017

Rosenheim – The 2017 Supercup was held in Hamburg from 18 to 20 August 2017. HARO Sports once again supplied the basketball tournament with portable sports parquet.

Island Park Hall in Hamburg played host to the 2017 Basketball Supercup in August. Carried out each year by the German Basketball Federation, the tournament provides teams an opportunity to prepare for the European championships held in autumn. Serbia emerged the victor from this year’s Supercup, having defeated Poland, Germany and Russia.

The sports flooring manufacturer HARO Sports supplied the event with its portable sports parquet ROM 20 this year as well. This special portable flooring can be installed in just two hours – and once the final whistle blows after a game, dismantling goes even faster. Manufactured entirely at company headquarters in Rosenheim in Upper Bavaria, the HARO sports flooring ROM 20 meets the highest requirements specified in DIN V 18032-2 and EN 14904 and is officially recognised by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA).

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