Prallwand HARO Protect Light 27 Pro

HARO SPORTS, 11.04.2018

A new generation of protective walls – slim design and hardly inflammable!

Rosenheim - Back in 2016 HARO Sports successfully introduced the revolutionary protective wall system Light 19. Its success story was a huge motivation for the next development stages.

Now for the first time HARO Sports succeeded to certify the new protective wall HARO Protect Light 27 Pro with an installation height of only 27 mm acc. to DIN 18032 parts 1 and 3 and also pass a fire test acc. to EN 13501 standards. This enables the usage of sports halls, which underlie the Assembly Area Ordinance – because they require a fire certification acc. to EN 13501 of not less than class C.

It is also the first time that a protective wall with such a small installa-tion height can be designed acoustically effective. DIN 18032-1 with restricted reverberation time has noticeably increased the demand and gains in importance for planners. Especially the installation height is an extremely important criterion for refurbishments of old point elastic protective walls, in order to avoid losing space to existing playing fields or run-off areas. This also makes the HARO Protect Light 27 Pro the perfect match since its system base requirements comply with those of point elastic protective walls.

HARO Protect Light 27 Pro is produced with a robust, stain repellent and easy to clean CPL surface. The broad range of decors offers our customers a wide spectrum of creative options. The surface is scratch resistant, colorfast and will not fade or change color when exposed to sunlight.

The easy installation process is also very tempting: The new HARO Protect Light 27 Pro is assembled by adhesion to the wall, which speeds up the installation immensely and is also cost effective. The assembly time is reduced to only a fraction of a classic protective wall installation time, which also accelerates the construction process.

Due to the unique combination of installation height, fire certification and acoustic equipment options, the new protective wall HARO Protect Light 27 Pro is an innovative approach for problem solutions. This system covers many scopes and customer needs, which were not attended to by previous systems.

The protective wall HARO Protect Light 27 Pro is produced at the main plant in Stephanskirchen and is 100 % made in Germany. Due to the production being effected in one place HARO Sports can ensure the highest level of quality standards.

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