Top Performance on HARO Sports Floor HARO Sports supplies portable sports floor for Davis Cup and Fed Cup

HARO SPORTS, 05.12.2017

Rosenheim – Bavarian sports floor manufacturer HARO Sports Flooring and Rebound Ace Europe have once more been chosen to supply the flooring in the form of the portable “ROME TENNIS” sports floor for one of the most prestigious tournaments on the tennis circuit. In addition to the Davis Cup, the final of the Fed Cup was also played on a sports floor from HARO Sports.

The Davis Cup is the most important tournament between national teams in men's tennis. It is held every year with more than one hundred nations taking part in different groups and rounds. The thrilling final took place on November 27 in Lille, France, with the French hosts capturing a 3:2 victory over Belgium. Together with Rebound Ace Europe, HARO Sports has once more proven its appeal with its portable sports floor.

Just two weeks beforehand, the final of the Fed Cup was likewise played on a portable sports floor from HARO Sports. This is the most important tournament in women’s tennis, similar to the Davis Cup for men. The USA emerged as winners this time for the first time in 17 years.

Sports floor manufacturer HARO Sports supplied its ROME TENNIS portable flooring solution for both of these tournaments. The innovative tennis floor is more pleasant to play on and places less strain on a player's body than conventional hard courts. Athletes tire less quickly as a result and there is less risk of injury. At the same time, the floor ensures the same ball bounce and pace as a hard court.

The floor can be installed in just a few hours – and removed again just as quickly. The perfect fit of the patented interlocking system that connects the individual modules even eliminates the need to recoat the surface after installation, which is usually required for portable hard courts. Such flexibility is indispensable for intensively used sports facilities in today's sports and event world. The high quality of both the basic construction and the finish ensure that ROME TENNIS can be installed and removed hundreds of times.

The ROME TENNIS floor is therefore the perfect solution for professional tournaments in sports and multi-purpose arenas, which require quick changing of the floor covering. No other portable sports court system on the market offers this combination of top performance and perfect logistics.

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