Teaming up to Promote Sustainability - Nike™ and HARO Sports Flooring sign agreement

HARO SPORTS, 09.03.2011

Dallas (Texas / USA) – “The Showcase” held at the famous American Airlines Center in Dallas last December featured exiting, down-to-the-wire games between premier basketball teams in the popular NCAA college league. This was the perfect venue for HARO Sports Flooring to present the first installation of their new portable Rome 20 Sports Floor with Nike Grind™ Foam. Last year Nike Grind™, a business unit of Nike® Corp., and HARO Sports Flooring, a leading manufacturer of portable and fixed-installed elastic coating sports floors, signed an agreement allowing HARO to distribute throughout the American continent a foam cushioning system that incorporates the Nike Grind™ material made from recycled parts of athletic shoes.

Representatives of Nike Grind™ partner HARO Sports Flooring were among the audience watching great NCAA college basketball action at “The Showcase”. On this occasion they also met with the teams' managers and interested NBA officials. The performance shown at the tournament was just as impressive on top as underneath the surface. What now provides the cushioning for the portable HARO Rome 20 Sports Floor used to be more than 2,800 pairs of Nike™ athletic shoes that have been recycled and put to an innovative new use.

In addition to further establishing themselves in college basketball, HARO Sports Flooring also saw “The Showcase” as an excellent opportunity to present Rome 20, their new portable HARO Sports Floor with Nike Grind™ Foam. HARO had invited college coaches and officials to help install the portable maple sports floor – and see for themselves that top quality made in Germany can be installed in less than three hours thanks to the patented locking system.

The American Airlines Center usually hosts games in the NBA (National Basketball Association). But NCAA games often draw an even bigger audience than NBA games because many people maintain a strong relationship with their former colleges and college teams. In addition, quite a number of NBA basketball stars came from the NCAA. This offers excellent potential for Nike Grind™ partner HARO Sports Flooring.

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