HARO Sports Flooring now also playing Tennis

HARO SPORTS, 30.03.2011

Eugene (Oregon / USA) – HARO Sports Flooring, one of the leading manufacturers of portable and permanently installed area elastic sports floors, has entered so far unfamiliar territory in March 2011. The market has been demanding floors with high shock absorption properties, which should be portable at the same time. Therefore the two Nike Grind™ partners HARO Sports Flooring from Germany and Rebound Ace Australia have been looking for a solution, and eventually found one.

Hamberger supplies the portable floor HARO Sports Rome 10 and rebound Ace Australia finishes it with an acrylic top layer, which in this form has come into use in Tennis for centuries now. HARO Sports Rome 10 mobilises: the floor can be installed in only three hours and taken down again within even less time. A flexibility that has become indispensable for the intensive usage of halls in today’s sports and events world.

The German-Australian Co-production celebrated its opening night during the show tournament “Nike® Clash of the Champions”, held on 8th March 2011, and hosted by the University of Oregon. Tennis Stars such as Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal also took part in the event held at Matthew Knight Arena. The American Tennis-Legend John McEnroe paid a surprise visit to the event as well, and was very impressed by this Charity event. After this successful event HARO Sports Flooring and Rebound Ace Australia will be signing a worldwide agreement for the field of Tennis. HARO Sports has not been active in Tennis so far, but is now seeing its big chance to acquire a completely new area together with this very experienced partner. Last year Nike Grind™, a Nike® Corp. division and HARO Sports Flooring signed a contract, which enables HARO to distribute an elastic layer into which the recycled shoes from Nike Grind™ are incorporated on the American continent.

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