Passion for basketball - Lithuania and HARO Sports Flooring give their best for the EuroBaskets 2011

HARO SPORTS, 22.08.2011

Lithuania - In Lithuania basketball is more than just a sport, it is almost a religion. Therefore the perfect setting for the European Basketball Championship - the Eurobaskets - 2011. HARO Sports Flooring, one of the leading manufacturers of portable and fixed-installed, elastic coating sports floors and a reliable partner for many years, will give its best again: its sports floors.

But there is no competition without training
Especially in the professional surroundings of a European Championship it is the experience of the supplier and the quality of its products that count. Lithuania invested in building three more sports facilities for the Eurobaskets 2011 and chose sports floors made in Germany. For decades, HARO sports floors have been used for European and World Championships. The training halls of the Arena Klaipedos in Klaipeda and the Arena Žalgirio in Kaunas were equipped with the HARO Sports Floor Helsinki 10 in Ash. Over 700 sqm (7,534 sq feet) and nearly 1300 sqm (13,993 sq feet) were installed permanently. The Helsinki model is a sports floor with an elastic layer and due to its low profile it is also perfect for renovations. Thanks to its even construction, the floor has excellent sports-physiological characteristics. The parquet is given a factory-finished Permadur surface which makes it highly abrasion-resistant and especially easy to care for - highly important characteristics when it comes to longevity and easy care of a sports floor.

HARO goes mobile
For the group matches and the final matches of the Eurobaskets in the new multi-purpose halls Klaipeda and Kaunas, the portable floor HARO Sports Rome 20 climbs into the ring with 618 sqm (6,652 sq feet). The portable sports floors by HARO Sports Flooring are the only floors certified by FIBA (International Basketball Federation) that also satisfy the highest requirements of the DIN V 18032-2 standard. The best conditions for the game! Each floor element weighs less than 32 kg and is very easy to handle. Thanks to the special patented interlocking system, the elements are assembled so that it looks as if they have been installed without joints. Installation and removal of the floor can be done within a few hours which benefits the use as a multi-purpose hall. The Arena Zalgirio was designed for music concerts and festivals as well as for sport events.

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