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Set and match: HARO Rom Tennis - Global innovation – Made in Germany, in use around the world

HARO SPORTS, 13.12.2011

Rosenheim – Due to increased demand for floors with high impact absorption on one hand, and the highest possible mobility on the other, the German-Australian duo HARO Sports Flooring and Rebound Ace® has now come up with a truly global innovation: HARO Rom Tennis is the first fully mobile tennis court in the world. Hamberger provides the HARO Sports Rom mobile floor and Rebound Ace® refines it with its tried, tested and proven acrylic top coat. The first fully mobile tennis floor in the world celebrated its debut in March 2011 at the “Nike® Clash of the Champions” show tournament with tennis giants such as Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal in Oregon, USA.

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Passion for basketball - Lithuania and HARO Sports Flooring give their best for the EuroBaskets 2011

HARO SPORTS, 22.08.2011

Lithuania - In Lithuania basketball is more than just a sport, it is almost a religion. Therefore the perfect setting for the European Basketball Championship - the Eurobaskets - 2011. HARO Sports Flooring, one of the leading manufacturers of portable and fixed-installed, elastic coating sports floors and a reliable partner for many years, will give its best again: its sports floors.

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HARO Sports Flooring now also playing Tennis

HARO SPORTS, 30.03.2011

Eugene (Oregon / USA) – HARO Sports Flooring, one of the leading manufacturers of portable and permanently installed area elastic sports floors, has entered so far unfamiliar territory in March 2011. The market has been demanding floors with high shock absorption properties, which should be portable at the same time. Therefore the two Nike Grind™ partners HARO Sports Flooring from Germany and Rebound Ace Australia have been looking for a solution, and eventually found one.

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Teaming up to Promote Sustainability - Nike™ and HARO Sports Flooring sign agreement

HARO SPORTS, 09.03.2011

Dallas (Texas / USA) – “The Showcase” held at the famous American Airlines Center in Dallas last December featured exiting, down-to-the-wire games between premier basketball teams in the popular NCAA college league. This was the perfect venue for HARO Sports Flooring to present the first installation of their new portable Rome 20 Sports Floor with Nike Grind™ Foam. Last year Nike Grind™, a business unit of Nike® Corp., and HARO Sports Flooring, a leading manufacturer of portable and fixed-installed elastic coating sports floors, signed an agreement allowing HARO to distribute throughout the American continent a foam cushioning system that incorporates the Nike Grind™ material made from recycled parts of athletic shoes.

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