Spot on - Ladies Team Squash World Championship 2012 on new HARO Sports floor in oak tinted black.

HARO SPORTS, 22.11.2012

Rosenheim / Nîmes – The 18th Squash World Championships in Ladies Team are carried out in Nîmes, France this year, from 12th to 17th November. The multifunctional hall “La Parnasse Arena” has been equipped with three new Show-Glass-Courts by ASB, featuring a new sports floor by HARO Sports Flooring. The TVO Floor (television optimized), developed in cooperation with ASB, puts the international best players perfectly into focus, live as well as in front of the screens.

The French Squash-Association had decided to install Court and Floor “Made in Germany”, thus ensuring best quality. HARO Sports Flooring, one of the leading producers of portable and permanently installed area-elastic sports floors, is delivering the TVO Floor, which was developed specifically for professional Squash played in glass courts. The black floor optimizes the ball contrast in front of the camera and is intended to present the sport even more efficiently on TV. The new floor has a depth impregnated raw surface that prevents players from slipping on floors damp with sweat. The new TVO Floor is based on the same system as the classic Melbourne 65 and is one of the few floors that are approved by the World Squash Federation and that come into use at international Squash Championships.

The 120 international best players from 26 countries will fight for the title in front of up to one thousand prospectors in France, among them Nicol David (world-wide rank 1.), Jenny Duncalf (world-wide rank 4.) and Camille Serme (world-wide rank 13.).
After the event, the three glass courts will come into use in the Men’s Team World Championship 2013 and are then to be installed in France’s High Performance Centres in Paris, Aix-en-Provence and Le Mans.

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