All good things come in three - Trend sport 3x3 Basketball to become official: the DBB-3×3-Open 2013

HARO SPORTS, 07.05.2013

It’s the Basketball event of the summer: the DBB 3×3 Open 2013. Four qualification tournaments will take place in Leipzig, Nuremberg, Düsseldorf and Bremen, as well as a special event in line with the European Championship Wheelchair Basketball in Frankfurt, and all of this before the German Final will take place in Berlin on 17th August 2013. The winning team of the DBB 3x3 Open 2013 is guaranteed a spot at the FIBA 3x3 World Tour.

Participants in these five 3x3 Basketball events can feel like pro’s on the 17 x 13 m big court. The portable sports floor HARO Sports Rome Outdoor has the same positive characteristics as its Indoor equivalents. And these are in use for international matches, championships and Olympic Games all over the world.

FIBA and DBB support 3x3 trend
Three on three with one referee and one hoop: that means fast and dynamic basketball games under little investment. And that is just what makes 3x3 Basketball such a trend sport. The international basketball federation FIBA has created an own internet platform for 3x3 (, uniform FIBA basic rules were instated, big tournaments, official world championships and a World Tour were brought to life. The long-term goal and perspective of this new kind of Street-Basketball game are the Olympic Games. The DBB supports the 3x3 trend and promotes this new form of Street-Basketball in Germany. In the year 2012, the DBB 3x3 Open was a first tour in this new format. Next to the rapid development in match sports, the DBB chaperones numerous 3x3 Basketball projects in its National Associations. Therefore, more structured competitions and tournaments in 3x3 Basketball are to be initiated, developed, promoted and communicated in the future, next to the free scene. And HARO Sports Flooring as a strong partner is taking a big part in this.

The trend receives a solid ground
For more than half a century, HARO Sports Flooring, the sports flooring division of Germany’s leading parquet manufacturer, Hamberger Flooring has been producing portable and permanently installed sports floors. For the first time ever, public institutions, event organizers or sponsors have a real all-weather outdoor floor at their hands with the new HARO Rome Outdoor Event Court. And right on time to capture the megatrend 3x3 Basketball. HARO Sports Rome Outdoor fulfills the same DIN Norms as the original portable indoor sports floor, Rome 20. This means a force reduction of more than 53%, and at the same time it provides nearly 100% ball rebound. And, it can be installed and dismantled in only two hours, ideal for events and street promotions. Mobility and performance are one part of the equation but the HARO Rome Outdoor offers additional advantages; HARO Rome Outdoor also scores with its design. A wide variety of court colors are available and sponsorship and event logos can be placed on the surface with laminate stickers or painted directly on top. Due to its optimal surface characteristics, it doesn’t get slippery in case of rain while playing. And this means unimpeded joy in the game.

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