Basketball-Pros in Berlin: Final Four on the inside, world premiere of new sports floor outside - Portable sports floor HARO Rome Outdoor at unparalleled Basketball Event

HARO SPORTS, 20.03.2013

Rosenheim / Berlin – all around the world, professional athletes as well as organizers swear on the portable sports floors by HARO Sports Flooring. On 23rd and 24th March, the Rosenheimers will present their new portable Outdoor Court Rome for the 3 x 3 Basketball during the Final Four of the Beko Basketball League in Berlin, in front of an impressive setting. When the four best teams fight to win in the “O2 World”, BBL sponsor Spalding will put up their backstop units right in front of the hall. The Event Court will serve as a tournament court as well as an entertainment area.

The final round of the Beko Basketball League is an extraordinary event that attracts the world of basketball all over the globe. This year, next to the hosts “Alba Berlin” also “ratiopharm Ulm”, the “Artland Dragons” and the “FC Bayern München” will take part in the competition for the cup. The portable court HARO Sports Rome Outdoor features the same properties as its indoor counterparts, and these have come into use many a time, be it at international matches, championships or the Olympic Games.

For more than half a century, HARO Sports Flooring has been producing portable and permanently installed sports floors. For the first time ever, public institutions, event organizers or sponsors have a real all-weather outdoor floor at their hands with the new Rome Outdoor Event Court. And right in time to capture the megatrend 3x3 Basketball. HARO Sports Rome Outdoor fulfills the same DIN Norms as the original portable indoor sports floor, Rome 20. This means a force reduction in excess of 53%, and at the same time provides nearly 100% ball rebound. And, it can be installed and dismantled in only two hours, ideal for events and street promotions. Mobility and performance are one part of the equation but the Rom Outdoor offers additional advantages; but the Outdoor Rome also scores with its design. A wide variety of court colors are available and sponsorship and event logos can be placed on the surface with laminate stickers or painted directly on top. Due to its optimal surface characteristics, it doesn’t get slippery in case of rain while playing. And this means unimpeded joy in the game.

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