Portable floor on City Tour with the Tennis Stars: PowerShares® Series on HARO Sports floor Rome Tennis

HARO SPORTS, 01.03.2013

Rosenheim / USA – Real Tennis Legends, the great halls of famous cities in the US – and always a part of them: the portable sports floor Rome Tennis by HARO Sports Flooring and its partner Rebound Ace. Tennis legends such as Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras, John McEnroe, Jim Courier or Mats Wilander showed their skills in exciting tournaments, taking place from the middle of October to the end of November 2012. The Tennis caravan moved from one hot spot to the next. In the end it was Jim Courier who was thrilled about half a million dollars in prize money. However, all players were equally thrilled about the performance of the portable sports floor:

Jim Courier: “The Rebound Ace surface plays beautifully and consistently night after night on the PowerShare Series. I know I can count on it for true bounces and an even pace, no matter what arena we are playing in."
Pete Sampras: “I enjoyed the Rebound Ace surface used during the PowerShares Series tour. It was very true and had a great speed.”
Michael Chang: „This court perfectly suits those who like a slower paced yet lower bouncing court. I know all the clinic participants we had during the PowerShares Series really enjoyed playing on it especially as the ball stayed a lot more in their strike zone!”

For this event on world class level, the event agency in charge “InsideOut Sports & Entertainment” had called for a floor that would meet the requirements of the top athletes and was portable at the same time. The perfect solution: the portable sports floor HARO Sports Rome Tennis. This floor stands out through its high shock absorption, while granting highest agility at the same time. The springing and damping of the coat provide for relief of the back.

All in all a total of twelve events took place on the portable sports floor HARO Rome Tennis. Two models came into use. Although the floor is installed in less than four hours and dismantled in even less time anyways, this is how it was made sure that there was always a floor ready to be played on – in the Surprise Tennis Stadium in Phoenix, in the United Center in Chicago, at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, at the Pepsi Center in Denver or the Madison Square Garden in New York.

What’s inside, so that everything on top is top?
HARO Rome Tennis combines the best of two worlds: HARO Sports Flooring, one of the leading manufacturers of portable and permanently installed area-elastic sports floors, delivers the technical subconstruction and Rebound Ace, established producer of sports floors on acrylic basis, refines the floor with its acrylic top layer. Perfect sports physiological properties and the highest quality standards according to ISO 9001 make HARO Rome Tennis a Top player in the world rank list. Furthermore the floor fulfills the DIN V 18032-2; April 2001 as well as the EN 14904 and is hence apt for usage in Olympic Games, Continental and World Championships.

Portable and flexible
An area of 800 m² can be installed in less than four hours and dismantled in even less time. A flexibility that has become essential for the intense usage of sports halls in today’s sports and events world. The high quality of the basic construction and the finish make sure that Rome Tennis can be installed and dismantled hundreds of times. The Rebound Ace Acrylic top layer can carry true color logos of sponsors or organizers so as to put players and sponsors into scene perfectly.

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