Little tennis talents on sports floors like the Big Boys - HARO Sports supports teaching projects of the Bavarian and Baden-Wuerttemberg tennis associations with portable Pro-Tennis Court

HARO SPORTS, 29.07.2013

Rosenheim / Stuttgart – While German tennis legends such as Tommy Haas and Philipp Kohlschreiber were contesting for points, set and match from 6th to 14th July 2013 during the 35th Mercedes Cup in Stuttgart, the next talents were maturing nearby. Girls and boys aged six to fourteen had the chance to make their first tennis experiences on a real professional floor on the edges of the MercedesCup, which is a part of the ATP Tour. Just like during the BMW Open, HARO Sports Flooring provided a small version of its portable sports floor HARO Rome Tennis, with its special surface coating by Rebound Ace. Stuttgart was the first location ever that the Outdoor version of the sports floor came into use.

The „talentinos“
„talentinos“ is the new play-and-learn concept of the Bavarian Tennis Association which has the goal to make tennis more attractive to young people. By means of the new play-and-learn concept, kids and teenagers get the chance to playfully get to know the tennis sport, with tennis balls, rackets and courts that are adjusted to the children’s sizes. Main theme of the event: “learn tennis playfully”, according to “Play+Stay”. The Baden-Wuerttemberg Tennis Association pursues a similar theme.

Little talents – floors like the big boys
Especially when children start a sport it is vital that the equipment –from clothing to racket – fits and functions. Only then will children experience successes and achievements that motivate. Therefore the floor plays an important role for the future tennis aces. With the HARO sports floor Rome Tennis – in Stuttgart for the first time ever in the special Outdoor version – the young beginners were provided a real professional floor. This floor can be played on just like a regular hard-court and at the same time can be run on comfortably like an area-elastic sports floor. HARO Sports Flooring, one of the leading manufacturers of portable and permanently installed area-elastic sports floors, delivers the technical subconstruction and Rebound Ace, established producer of sports floors on acrylic basis, refines the floor with its acrylic top layer.

Advantage HARO Tennis!
The new Tennis floor is subjectively more comfortable and objectively gentler for the player than regular hard courts. The athlete doesn’t tire as quickly and the risk of injuries declines. At the same time the ball can be played just as well as on a hard court. These ideal sports physiological properties and the highest quality standard according to ISO 9001 make HARO Tennis a top player in the world ranking list. The floor meets the DIN V 18032-2; April 2001 as well as the EN 14904 and hence can be used for Olympic Games and international tournaments. That’s just the performance it also shows in Mini-Court format.

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