Sports Culture and World Heritage - Sports floor from HARO Sports Flooring in the new gymnasium of the Benedictine Monastery of Pannonhalma - UNESCO World Heritage Site

HARO SPORTS, 07.01.2015

Pannonhalma, Hungary – The Benedictine Monastery of Pannonhalma on Kosaras Hill is clearly visible from afar. Some 300 pupils live and learn here in the boarding school and play sport. A new gymnasium has now been added at a cost of approx. 600 million Hungarian forint or 1.96 million euros, which was opened ceremoniously in November 2014 in the presence of the State Secretary for Sport, the President of the Hungarian Basketball Association and the Benedictine Abbot. The building became a necessity in order to meet the growing needs of the young athletes and to allow national tournaments to be organised. More and more adults are also using the hall for training purposes. All get to benefit from a sports floor Made in Germany that is incidentally also used for training purposes by the current number two in the German Basketball League, FC Bayern Munich: Some 750 square metres of HARO Sports Helsinki 15 flooring was installed in the new gymnasium.

Hall built directly into the hillside
The architecturally appealing hall was built directly into the hillside and the roof landscaped. The strict requirements in term of appearance and quality are also continued inside. The decision in favour of the floor Made in Germany was made owing to the good relationship between the responsible architect and the HARO Sports partner in Hungary as well as the quality and excellent attributes. The HARO Sports Helsinki 15 model is a sports floor with elastic coating, which is ideal for renovations because of its low installation height. The floor’s even structure means it has superb sport-physiology properties. HARO Sports Flooring has already been playing in the very highest league in its industry for several decades now. The FC Bayern ProA Basketball Team's training hall in Säbener Straße is an example of a hall that has been fitted with the HARO Sports Helsinki 15 floor.

Sport as training for life
More than 300 pupils attend the Benedictine high school and specialised secondary school for religious music. Sport is an important element of everyday school life. This was echoed by the State Secretary for Sport, who stressed that sport is not simply about physical exercise, rather "sportsmanship" can act as a mirror image of society, preparing young people for life.

The Pannonhalma Archabbey is a territorial abbey located in the Hungarian community of Pannonhalma, which is still inhabited today by Benedictine monks. The immediate Benedictine monastery holds the rank of an archabbey and is the monastic seat of the Hungarian Benedictine congregation. The abbey has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996. The Hungarian government decided in 1938 to construct an "Italian" high school with boarding facilities in Pannonhalma, which opened its doors in 1939. Construction work started at the same time on the last large building structure to be built at the monastery to date, which was to be used as a school and boarding school building. More than 300 pupils now attend the Benedictine high school and the specialised secondary school for religious music, most of whom are boarders.

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