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HARO SPORTS, 08.01.2015

Rosenheim – Whenever sporting competitions are held outdoors, increasingly often they are held on outdoor sports floors from HARO Sports Flooring. Whether tennis, basketball or 3 x 3 basketball – professionals and recreational athletes worldwide swear by the qualities of the high-tech products. Event organisers are particularly enthusiastic about the fact that the floors can be installed and dismantled again in the shortest possible time and demonstrate excellent performance. HARO Sports is now set to introduce the 2014 version of its successful floor, the HARO Sports Rome Outdoor, and the new permanent sports floor, the Rio, the world's first outdoor flooring conforming with the highest physical performance requirements of the new EN 14877 standard.

Now even better: The new HARO Sports Rome Outdoor
The HARO Sports Rome sports floor has dominated basketball and tennis halls around the globe for many years. Whether Davis Cup, Fed Cup, European and World Championship Basketball through to the Olympic Games – the flooring impresses across the entire range with its convincing physiological performance attributes, its flexible applications and the short installation and dismantling time required. The Rosenheim experts presented a portable outdoor court for the trend sport of 3 x 3 basketball for the first time in 2012. The new version, the HARO Sports Rome Outdoor Multi, is the perfect choice for basketball thanks to shock absorption of 52% and 98% ball rebound. The new Rome Outdoor has a special waterproof plate, a water-resistant subfloor as well as a special outdoor foam. The plates are cut using a sophisticated, patented system, which ensures rapid drainage of water and only minor thermally induced deformation. The surface structure of the new Rome Outdoor is extremely durable and is playable both in dry or wet conditions without becoming slippery.

A special coat finish is applied, which is available in practically all RAL colours. A patented interlocking system ensures a high precision fit and fast assembly. A 3 x 3 basketball court can be assembled by six people in just one to one and a half hours, while a tennis court – as used for the Davis Cup for example – requires just four hours to install.

HARO Sports Rome Outdoor Multi Basketball
The Rome Outdoor Multi is the first fully portable outdoor sports floor conforming with the physical performance requirements of the new EN 14877 standard. With 52% shock absorption according to EN 14808 and a ball rebound of 98% according to EN 12235 (for basketball), it provides a perfect platform for events such as classic basketball or 3 x 3. The court is playable both in dry or wet conditions.

HARO Sports Rome Outdoor Tennis
With the Rome Outdoor Tennis model, simply a level, sustainable subfloor is needed to host a top-class tennis event. A court of 800 m² can be installed in just 4 hours and dismantled again in only 3 hours. This outdoor event court is designed especially so that it can be installed quickly and portably anywhere. This floor is playable regardless of whether its surface is dry or wet. Shock absorption values of 45% are unrivalled for tennis floors and are combined with a ball rebound of 98% (tennis balls).

Lindt brand ambassador Roger Federer is already familiar with the portable sports floor from HARO Sports Flooring and Rebound Ace from the Davis Cup. Shown here at a tennis exhibition match with Lindsey Vonn at an altitude of more than 3,400 metres at the Jungfraujoch.

HARO Sports Rio – The permanent solution
The HARO Sports Rio is the world’s first permanent outdoor flooring conforming with the highest physical performance requirements under the new EN 14877 standard and is ideal both for tennis and multifunctional facilities. This modular system can be set up in the shortest possible time and quickly dismantled again if necessary. The shock absorption according to EN 14808 of 49% and a standard deformation of just 1.3 mm according to EN 14809 are perfect performance characteristics for professionals as well as for social players. In addition, the ball rebound of 98% of a basketball ball and 96% of a tennis ball demonstrate perfect values according to EN 12235 measurements. The court is playable both in dry or wet conditions. The HARO Sports Rio is also based on special plates, but in a 250 x 1250 mm format. The boards are angle engaged on the long sides by means of a lock connection and then fixed in place on the short sides with an aluminium pin.

From portable to permanent solution
HARO outdoor portable sports floors are so impressive in design that the same system is also being used increasingly for permanent solutions. There are many reasons for this, including fast and cost-efficient installation, optimal assembly regardless of the weather conditions, high levels of physiological performance, use as a cover layer for cracked courts and installation on all stable and level subfloors.

The flooring provides the optimal basis for sporting activities up to the highest level for a few hours and over several years.

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