HARO Sports Flooring - School and sports clubs again on the sunny side - Renovation with sports floors and protective walls by HARO Sports Flooring.

HARO SPORTS, 11.08.2014

Burladingen / Region of Baden-Württemberg – June 2013: Floods have many parts of South Germany in the grasp. Just as the Community of Burladingen, in the Region of Baden-Württemberg, which in fact, is advertised by means of the slogan ‘On the sunny side of the Schwäbische Alb’. There the sports hall was also damaged. Due to the necessary renovation, the sports floors and protective walls have been now renewed. Since the Community had already had good experience with the manufacturer HARO Sports Flooring, the Community really wanted a floor of the sports flooring specialists from Rosenheim. Therefore, the decision for HARO Sports to offer a wide decorative variety of convenient protective walls from the beginning of this year came up even much easier. Hall operators did find it as an attractive and functional perfect solution from a single source.

After a meeting on site with a HARO Sports sales representative, a renovation offer was presented and surface samples were provided. The floors and walls proposal satisfied the decision-makers of the Community and HARO Sports, one of the leader manufacturers of portable and permanent installed elastic sports flooring surfaces, was granted the order. As it dealt with a renovation, a very extensive site measuring was necessary, since it finally included the existing doors on the longitudinal wall of the protective walls.
Around 400 sq. m of HARO Sports floor Athens 70 and 150 sq. m of HARO Sports tailor-made protective walls Protect Classic in pattern design Pinie Tessin were installed. Three new doors, one single-leaf door, as well as a double-leaf entrance door make the renovation perfect. The outstanding feature: a conduit as top cover of the protective walls, which can easily be uninstalled and therein, the cables and wire connections can be hidden. People from the Burladingen Community are happy with the renovated sports hall, which will be intensely used for school and sports clubs.

Really sportive: the design variety of HARO Sports Protective Walls
HARO puts its trust on elastic surface protective walls. Only these ones are hundred per cent appropriate regarding protection and sports functions, as well as material properties. Besides, only these ones can directly be installed on not cleaned or uneven surfaces. Optionally, the fire protection can be included.

HARO is also on a very new path with regard to materials: the results of the cutting-edge knowledge about parquet and the laminate flooring production. The current 13 various HARO Sports design versions of protective walls Protect Classic can be combined. Thus, HARO Sports Flooring is able to provide a complete package which fits to the hall architecture, to all possible dimensions and of course, to individual requests. Furthermore, the HARO Sports Classic protective walls were also used in the sports hall of Burladingen. The surface coating with the Pinie Tessin decorative layer is especially resistant. There are no big colour differences between the panels and there is also no colour change due to UV light as in the case of solid wood. Thereby, in case damage occurred, only individual panels would have to be replaced _without experiencing any colour difference on the surface. An additional advantage of the surface coating is that every design of HARO Protective Walls Programme can be offered at the same price.

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