Close to the action at the ATP Challenger Koblenz OPEN - Top tennis tournament equipped with portable sports floor by HARO Sports

HARO SPORTS, 30.01.2017

Koblenz - From 15 to 22 January 2017, Germany's largest indoor tennis tournament for men took place in the Conlog Arena in Koblenz. A total of 9,000 spectators cheered for their idols who gave everything on the portable sports floor by HARO Sports and Rebound Ace Europe. In the end, the tournament was won by Belgian Ruben Bemelmans.

9000 spectators at an ATP Challenger - impressive! The atmosphere in the Conlog Arena was something special, even for many of the tennis professionals. In addition, the players could gain important world ranking points here. The winner got 80 points, which is almost as much as entering the third round at a grand slam (90). The prize money amounts to 43,000 euros in total.

With four new courts, HARO Sports and Rebound Ace Europe have once again reached the top ranks of the globally renowned ATP tournaments. In addition to two "MONTREAL TENNIS" training courts, two portable "ROME TENNIS" sports floors were installed to provide the perfect ground foundations for a tennis match.

The ROME TENNIS sports floor is the perfect solution for professional tournaments in sports and multi-purpose halls that need a quick change of the floor surface. The high quality of the basic structure and finish makes it possible to install und remove ROME TENNIS hundreds of times. No other portable court system on the market offers this combination of top performance and perfect logistics.

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