Apolda's new, large three-field sports hall - An architecturally eye-catching new facility with HARO sports flooring

HARO SPORTS, 03.08.2017

Apolda – The new recreation centre of Apolda, a city in the eastern German state of Thuringia, was opened in August 2016. It has been the home of many sports clubs and the athletic venue for many students ever since. HARO Sports Rosenheim delivered the perfect sports floor covering for this impressive three-field sports hall.

One of Germany's most modern three-field sports halls is located in Apolda, a county seat in the eastern state of Thuringia. Apolda is the seat of the central Thuringia county of the Weimar region, forming a triangle with Weimar and Jena. The architecturally eye-catching facility blends harmoniously into the surroundings thanks to its sloping design.

The entire sports area of 1,250 m² is ideally equipped for all athletic needs. HARO sports floors play their part as well. With the help of an array of different colours in the floor, individual areas for various ball sports are clearly identified and segmented. The court for European handball is defined by an area of 684 m² in green and a space of 205 m² in black. The remaining areas are beige and delineate other functional parts of the sports hall.

The hall uses the multi-purpose sports floor ATHEN 70, whose tremendous durability is produced in particular by its special elastic layer of composite foam made of bonded polyurethane. The dual-layer pressure distribution plate applied on top of it produces excellent elasticity, creating a cushion for athletes’ joints and musculoskeletal systems.

Thanks to movable seating elements, fans can enjoy the action directly on the sidelines. The hall is therefore optimally equipped for all types of sporting events.

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