Migros Fitnesscenter in Basel

HARO SPORTS, 14.01.2019

Rosenheim – State-of-the-art fitness centres are very trendy in Switzerland. Migros Basel is presenting its newest fitness centre located on Clara Street. The centre offers a wide range of courses and is equipped with cutting-edge, programmable fitness equipment. HARO has installed parquet flooring and HARO Sports flooring in each of the centre’s rooms.

Covering 1,250 m² of floor space, spread over two storeys, the enormous range of training options ensures that there is even something for those who say that “weightlifting is not my thing”. The fitness centre was designed and equipped in collaboration with fit&wellness concept GmbH. No time to stay in shape? That’s a lame excuse. An individually programmed chip card automatically sets all devices to your personal training plan. Clients can also attend the 22 different classes on offer in the spacious (130 m²) and light-flooded group exercise room. The course programme is regularly updated to reflect client preferences.

HARO parquet and HARO Sports offer many benefits to the fitness business.

fit&wellness concept GmbH has opted for HARO parquet in a range of different health and fitness projects. The flooring chosen for the Migros Fitnesscenter was HARO Longstrip African Oak Tundra brushed with naturaLin surface.

In the group exercise room, with full-length mirrors on the walls, specialists have installed 140 m² of HARO parquet ProNamic, also in African Oak Tundra.

The special elastic coating of this sports floor protects the joints during strenuous workouts. The 8-millimetre special elastic layer installed between the screed and the parquet boards absorbs up to 50 percent of the impact of movement. A further comfort effect is the noise absorption of ProNamic – no matter how intense the activity, scarcely a whisper can be heard from the floor.

The perfect floor for fitness rooms

One key concern in the fitness business is preventing injuries caused by falls. That’s because a floor that yields intelligently and therefore effectively cushions any potential impact can protect from mishaps and resulting health consequences.

A remarkable fitness centre with a remarkable design – the type of project for which Hamberger Flooring and HARO Sports are the ideal partners.

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