As the No. 1 we accept no compromises.

As a manufacturer of branded quality products, it goes without saying that environmental awareness is a key element of our corporate philosophy. After all, we work with nature each and every day. And as anyone who does so, we can only treat nature with great respect. Not the exploitation of the forest, but its ecologically sustainable management determines our actions.

Certified sustainability

ISO 14001.
Already since 1998 we have been certified in accordance with DIN EN 14001 and validated to the EU Eco Audit for our commitment to the preservation of nature.

ISO 50001
In 2013, the new energy management system was successfully integrated into the already existing environment management system with the certification according to DIN EN ISO 50001:2011.

In 2003 we were awarded with the sought-after PEFC certificate: the proof that the wood we use can be traced and tracked through the entire chain of custody from the certified sustainably managed forest to the final product


The FSC trademark marks products that contain wood from sustainably managed forests.
The certification of the woods was performed according to the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council.


Our commitment to environmental safety is also reflected by our entire production cycle. We think not only in terms of economy, but also ecology. For example, we operate a high-performance combined heating and power station. Here, a modern furnace unit converts the waste wood into heat for the production processes and heating facilities and into ecological power. The output corresponds to the power requirement of 60,000 households. To preserve and protect the environment, we will continue to invest in progressive ecological technologies also in the future. In times of a growing shortage of resources, we take up the challenge to meet this responsibility.