Swiss A-League Basketball Team on HARO Sports Parquet - The most beautiful basketball court in Switzerland – fitted with one of the best sports floors in the world

HARO SPORTS, 16.12.2010

Granges-Paccot - Benetton Fribourg Olympic is one of the most successful teams in the Swiss Ligue Nationale de Basketball A, the top professional league in Switzerland. With its St. Léonard sports hall the club now also has the most beautiful basketball court in Switzerland, which it shares with the women of Elfic Fribourg, and which is also used as the Swiss national basketball team’s training centre. The 2,290 m² of the classic Berlin 12 sports floor in oak from HARO Sports Flooring, a leading manufacturer of mobile and permanently installed elastic coating sports floors, installed here for the league leaders, prove that the hall doesn’t just look good.

The new "Patinoire St. Leonhard" sports hall combines quality and aesthetics: the top quality Made in Germany floor and the pièce de résistance designed by Lorenz & Musso adea SA, Sion (architecture studio), and built under the guidance of the Andrey-Schenker-Sottaz SA (architect’s office) in Freiburg. The hall was inaugurated on 2 July this year in the presence of local dignitaries and sponsors.

Sports Floors Made in Germany
The HARO Berlin Sports Floor model is a classic support structure. The systems can easily balance out slight unevenness on the subfloor with the aid of balancing material. HARO Sports Berlin is elaborately equipped with double rocker supports, which are already preassembled at the factory.

A great view of the parquet from more than 2,700 seats on 23 tiers
The hall can be divided into three small separate sports halls with mobile sound-insulated partition curtains. It can be rapidly converted into an impressive basketball arena in just a few minutes. This is performed with stands, each one carried by 1,250 castors coated with polyurethane, which cover the two side playing areas, and therefore only leave the centrally parquet uncovered. With 23 tiers the stands weigh 77 tons each, have 1,296 seats, and are supplemented by a permanent stand with 145 seats. The sports hall’s entire technical infrastructure is on the ground floor: changing rooms, showers, sanitary facilities, sickbays, offices, etc. There are spectator rooms with bars and sanitary facilities on the first and second floors, which are reached by stairs. There are lifts for the mobility reduced and for goods transport. A perfectly well thought through building – from the roof down to the sports floor!

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