HARO PROTECT Classic Plywood

Nicely sturdy: DISANO décor plates

Acoustical perforation

The HARO designed décor plate allows a wide range of decors that would be very costly as a veneer – a big advantage especially for architecturally challenging multi usage halls. Fastening of HARO PROTECT Classic Plywood is done via visible bolts of the plywood panels. In case a panel is damaged later on, exchange is easy and inexpensive. The plywood panels are also available with acoustical perforation.

Perforated wall cladding improves the room acoustics. Perforation is carried out individually at our premises. We recommend a small perforation diameter up to 2 m construction height.

  • Area-elastic protective wall
  • Sports- and multi-usage
  • Plywood with décor covering
  • Maximum length: 2450 mm
  • Maximum width: 400, 600 and 1200 mm
Installation on an even wall acc. to DIN 18202, 1997-04, table 3
Subconstruction up to 750 mm
Double elastic girders 39 mm
Wall cladding 15 mm
Construction height 94 mm – 800 mm
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Stone Oak Creme*
French Smoked Oak*
Wild Oak*
Oak Glacier*
Sand Oak*
Crystal Oak* textured Tabacco Oak* textured Field Oak* textured
Country Oak* rustic

* wood mockup